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  • Find out how the brain works and use it to best advantage
  • Neuro-Hormonal Basis of Emotions
  • Neuoroplasticity in adults - new hope for continuous development
  • The Social Brain - Intrinsic Empathy - Theory of other Minds
  • Students Learn to Cope With Stress
  • Executives Learn to Balance Ego
  • Emotional Intelligence in Management and Teamwork and Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare Delivery


Definition of Emotional Intelligence


Emotional Intelligence is the ability to sense and understand one’s own emotions, to express and regulate them appropriately and to use them in the process of decision-making. It includes the capacity to understand and feel for others and so set up and maintain quality of relationships.

Anjana Sen 2007

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Get the Ego Advantage!

Author Dr. Anjana Sen, SAGE PUBLICATIONS

Ego is like an invisible but tangible bubble which we project around ourselves, based on our own impression of our abilities and worth. This book shows how our abilities and sense of worth combine in the ego to determine our actions and interactions. Suffering toxic emotions while nursing ego-wounds, reacting and regretting can all be prevented if we understand ego. The book explores ego-clashes in professional life, ways to balance individual and team identity, leadership, rigid attitudes, prejudice and alienation. There is illuminating insight into self-esteem, true love, parental love, arrogance and narcissism With Abu, an original cartoon character to guide you through the book, it will be an entertaining as well as useful read for both the general and professional reader.

Reviewer B.D. Pande

The author owes to M.Scott Peck for the central concept. To illustrate the concept the author has made references to Bible stories, Greek Mythology, fairy tales and superhero comics. The Walt Disney production Les Incredibles provides a relevant plot to explain why the ego has to hide itself, live and work incognito, but at the same time, cannot be ignored and has its uses.
The book Get the Ego Advantage! shows how our abilities and sense of worth combine in the ego to determine our actions and interactions. The book outlines a simple approach that can easily be applied to real-life situations to help us understand the puzzling reactions we come across in other people. It also explores ego clashes in professional life, ways to balance individual attitudes, prejudice and alienation. The author provides illuminating insights into complex concepts like self-esteem, true love, arrogance and narcissism. In an age where ego makes a great impact in life, this book will help to bridge the perception and knowledge gap on the subject and help readers to understand dynamics of ego. An entertaining and interesting reading.

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