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Dr Anjana Sen is a Physician, Author, Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Coach


Dr Anjana Sen

MBBS, D.Ophth

A Doctor who Listens !

Author, Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Coach

 Dr Anjana Das Sarma Sen graduated as a medical professional from Lady Hardinge Medical College in 1978 in New Delhi India. Having worked in Clinical Medicine and Ophthalmology since then she understood that much distress can be averted through the use of a basic human ability to exercise Emotional Intelligence.

After extensive study of the Neurological basis of Emotions, she began to translate the findings of latest research in the integrated field of Emotional Intelligence into simple interventions that are taught in workshop settings to executives, doctors, teachers and hospital staff. The awareness imparted helps people to Maximize Potential and Minimize Stress. The ability to enhance Emotional Intelligence empowers people to get along with others and improve their prospects in professional and personal spheres.

Author of the popular book 'GET THE EGO ADVANTAGE!' published by Sage in 2006, Anjana Sen has published academic papers in numerous peer reviewed journals, presented at conferences and written chapters for books on Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

In recognition of research and writing in the field of Emotional Intelligence Anjana Sen has been accepted as a member of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations [CREIO] which is based in Rutger’s University USA and has the world’s most renowned researchers and writers of EI on the Member’s list including Daniel Goleman on the Core Team. Sen is one of ten researchers in Asia who are recognized by CREIO for contribution in the field of EI

Certified as a Trainer in Emotional Intelligence by Six Seconds USA, Dr Anjana Sen coaches individuals to cope. with stress, ego issues, anger management, self -worth and relationship problems.

Dr Sen considers Parenting a vital role in nation building and provides guidance in nurturing self-worth in children Joomla 3.3 Templates