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Get the Ego Advantage!, Author Dr. Anjana Sen, SAGE PUBLICATIONS

Ego is like an invisible but tangible bubble which we project around ourselves, based on our own impression of our abilities and worth. This book shows how our abilities and sense of worth combine in the ego to determine our actions and interactions. Suffering toxic emotions while nursing ego-wounds, reacting and regretting can all be prevented if we understand ego. The book explores ego-clashes in professional life, ways to balance individual and team identity, leadership, rigid attitudes, prejudice and alienation. There is illuminating insight into self-esteem, true love, parental love, arrogance and narcissism With Abu, an original cartoon character to guide you through the book, it will be an entertaining as well as useful read for both the general and professional reader

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List of chapters

1 & 2. Introduction to Ego concept
3.Self Esteem
4.What's love got to do with Ego?
5.Parental Ego and Relationships
6.Narcissism and Arrogance
7.Professional Ego
8.Leaders and thier Ego
11.I am a Rock
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