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The Placebo Effect in Mind Body Medicine

  • If the efficacy of a drug is 30% it is discarded because the efficacy of placebos is also comparable.
  • Placebos have been found to have metabolic effects tangible results.
  • Adverse reactions are also possible after placebo administration.
  • Placebo effect has no relation to IQ of the patient.

The study of placebo effect has proved that hope and belief can have chemical effects. A doctors words and demeanor can kindle or destroy hope words can heal and words can kill.

Is there such a thing as false hope?

Hope plays a biological role


 According to Greek Mythology, Hermes the messenger God had a staff with wings. He came across two fighting snakes. Hermes threw his staff at them and they stopped fighting and remained intertwined on the staff. This could be interpreted as   intervention between the eternal fight between health and disease, and embodies the concept of homeostasis (Balance). This defines the role of the physician as a "Therapist" Therapeia - Doing God's Work

Miraculous cures or spontaneous remissions in fatal or otherwise incapacitating diseases such as cancers, ankylosing spondilitis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma etc have been studied in depth and the patients were found to have some common characteristics:
  • Peace of mind
  • Capacity to Love
  • Courage to be themselves
  • A feeling of control over their lives
  • Independent spirit
  • Responsibility for decisions
  • Ability to express feelings
  • Sense of Humor


Factors enhancing recovery reported by Prof Sandra Levy,

Director Behavioural Med Pittsburg Cancer Instt 1984.

  • Fighting Spirit
  • Sense of Joy
  • Relationship with intimate partner
  • Relationship with Physician

Physicians who are aware of this effect can leverage its function in recovery and healing



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