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Dr Anjana Sen is a Physician, Author, Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Coach

Emotional Competency is defined by Daniel Goleman as :

A learned capability based on Emotional Intelligence that results in outstanding performance at work (1988)


How will I benefit from increasing awareness about Emotional Intelligence?

Benefits to the Individual

Acknowledgement and regulation of emotions helps an individual to know the self and to be in charge of one self. It is a prerequisite to the success of all relationships at the workplace and in personal life. Harmonious relationships detoxify the stress which is inexorably linked with all human activity resulting in better health and happiness. Self- motivation, heightened self esteem and conscious, responsible decision making are some of the benefits which accrue to the individual who uses optimally the thinking brain as well as emotional inputs and significance. He/she is able to infuse passion into his profession and step confidently on to the path of excellence instead of floundering in mediocrity.

Benefits to the Organization

Organizations of various sectors and sizes have taken notice of the enormous significance of developing emotional competencies of employees. Teamwork, which has been recognized as the most valuable managerial competency since 1990, cannot succeed without engaging the emotional energies of each member. Effective and harmonious teamwork results in enhanced productivity and creativity without any extra cost. Heightened motivation, conscientiousness and loyalty actually decreases expenditure and reduces attrition. Employees who know that the Management values their emotional aspect and personal development, are able to trust the establishment and adapt positively and quickly to change and willingly go the extra mile to achieve and win under its banner. Sensitization to the emotional component at the workplace ensures that the vision and passion of the leader percolates to the rank and file, energizing the whole organization, awakening the Giant. Joomla 3.3 Templates