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Emotional Intelligence is that which makes the difference between qualified and successful. Emotional Literacy leads to personal empowerment. Our greatest power lies in our ability to feel. See and understand the relationship between the thinking brain (the head) and the emotional brain (the heart). Let both work for you synergistically and lead you to well deserved personal and professional success.

Emotional Intelligence has always been there. Formal research has been done in the field over the last 25 years and the concept has gained importance in the management sciences only since 1995. Research on EI involves Neuroscience, Psychology and Management Studies. Neuroscientists have mapped neural pathways explaining how decisions are made and how reactions can short circuit the decision making process. They have delineated the area of the thinking cortex which modifies reactive behavior and helps maintain focus. The parts of the brain which connect us with our inner self and with the outer world of relationships have been mapped and studied by PET studies.

Psychologists have discovered how values and fears govern the choices we make. They have followed children with varying emotional competencies into their professional lives and identified the behaviors which ensure success in work and relationships. Management researchers have gathered a wealth of data over 25 years based on study of organizations of various types including the Armed Forces. Leadership styles, emotional competencies at various levels, organizational climate, team dynamics and attrition rates have been studied. Their impact on performance and profits have been documented and proved beyond a doubt in these evidence based exercises.

On this frontier of science we find a blurring of the margins between the various disciplines of Management, Motivation and Medicine. Emotional Intelligence is relevant to every age group and every profession with a slight variation in emphasis on the sub sets of skills. In short it makes good sense to become aware of ei which basically consists of:

  • Awareness of one's own feelings
  • The ability to manage one's emotional state
  • To sense the emotions in others
  • To be useful to others at an emotional level
  • To be able to modify the emotions and thus the behavior of others
At ei-the third eye Dr Anjana Sen who is a medical professional with 25 years of clinical experience effectively integrates the findings of the different streams of research into a comprehensive program customized to the needs of the target audience. This is knowledge which can be used in everyday life! The human being is an intelligent animal. The concept of quantifying intelligence has been around for a long time now and tests have been evolved to assess IQ at various ages. IQ has been found to remain static after a certain age, yet people continue to mature and evolve. This other intelligence makes all the difference among people of equal cognitive abilities and knowledge. It is emotional intelligence, which steers the individual towards personal success and professional excellence.

Given a level playing field of qualifications and learned skills the factors that propel some and leave others behind are self-motivation, interpersonal skills and social awareness. It has long been understood that the virtues of self-restraint and compassion are hallmarks of character essential for achieving greatness in any field. Only in the last decade the concept has been given a name and science has found answers to perplexing questions about the irrational hi-jacking of the thinking brain.
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Emotional Intelligence, the third eye

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In Personal Development

  • Self awareness
  • Self Esteem
  • Self Regulation
  • Solid Self Confidence?

As a Leader

  • Learn to lead one-self
  • Make conscious decisions
  • Be self motivated
  • Understand and develop others

In Business


  • Soaring profits and image

In an Organization

  • An inspired and loyal work force
  • Team Synergy
  • Wondrous Creativity
  • Committed Productivity

In Relationships

  • Empathy, Rapport, Attunement
  • Giving and Taking Feedback
  • Reliability

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