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Get the Ego Advantage! , Author Dr. Anjana Sen , SAGE PUBLICATIONS

REVIEWSTIMES OF INDIA 16th Oct 2006 Anyone who has lost control over his or her emotions in the heat of the moment would find great use in this book. It tells you how reacting and regretting can all be prevented. Everyone usually knows what an ego is but the author goes a step further by illustrating how exactly the ego is built-up and how it then effects ones actions and interactions. The book employs a unique character Abu to help readers to, not just understand, but relate to what the author has to say.


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How Emotions Shape the Ego

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Ego Equals Success!

Her first book has a curious title: Get the Ego Advantage. Explaining the complex concept of human ego, she uses equally curious devices: an original cartoon character and the poetry of Kahlil Gibran! Anjana Sen is a doctor and a consultant of Emotional Intelligence (EI). In a tete-atete with Arunima Chakravarty she reveals that the aim of her book is to enable people to perceive their egos as a stepping-stone in the path of their success. (followed by interview)

THE HINDU 16th Oct 2006

The Thick and Thin of Ego

Anjana Sen, an Emotional Intelligence (EI) consultant and a medical physician, writes on how to promote EI to maximize potential, in her debut book, `Get the Ego Advantage'. Sen reveals that she became interested in EI, initially, for the sake of parenting. "I found it terribly useful," adding, "As a doctor I am interested in the preventive aspect of health."
A short 14-chapter book, it is replete with illustrations by the author who believes, "A picture is worth a thousand words," Abu, her original cartoon character, takes the reader through aspects of the ego. She uses Abu to convey the profound in a light vein. The book, meant for anyone who can read, but especially catering to the busy person, provides examples and lessons in capsules. "Ego," she explains, "Is wrongly interpreted as arrogance." Instead, "Ego is inside you. When you bring it to consciousness, it is self esteem."

DNA (Daily News Analysis) 8th Oct 2006

Chicken Soup for the Egotistical Soul

Superman said, It's not easy to be me in a song by Five for Fighting. Anjana Sen asks What is this ego and why is there so much of it everywhere? An independent consultant in the field of Emotional Intelligence, with her self-conceived cartoon character Abu to provide additional insight, Sen shows how to deal with the reactions of people we meet and respond to, often with aggression and, later, after thought, regret. Using instances from daily life, she discusses ego clashes that happen in professional interactions, and explains how one could balance the self with team identity. According to Sen, the ego is an invisible but tangible bubble around the self, created by our own perceptions of our abilities and worth. These, when realistically examined, can be channelized to maximize results


Get the Ego Advantage Reviewer B.D. Pande

The author owes to M.Scott Peck for the central concept. To illustrate the concept the author has made references to Bible stories, Greek Mythology, fairy tales and superhero comics. The Walt Disney production Les Incredibles provides a relevant plot to explain why the ego has to hide itself, live and work incognito, but at the same time, cannot be ignored and has its uses.
The book Get the Ego Advantage! shows how our abilities and sense of worth combine in the ego to determine our actions and interactions. The book outlines a simple approach that can easily be applied to real-life situations to help us understand the puzzling reactions we come across in other people. It also explores ego clashes in professional life, ways to balance individual attitudes, prejudice and alienation. The author provides illuminating insights into complex concepts like self-esteem, true love, arrogance and narcissism. In an age where ego makes a great impact in life, this book will help to bridge the perception and knowledge gap on the subject and help readers to understand dynamics of ego. An entertaining and interesting reading.

SEDME vol 33 No 2, June 2006

Reviewer Dr U.B. Raju,

Director Centre for Promotion of Advanced Management Practices
The book Get the Ego Advantage! is an attempt at unfolding both sides of the human ego, that is positive and negative, which are pervasive and overwhelming in every communication and relationship. The author skillfully accomplishes this through a cartoon character called Abu, her own creation.

(Detailed chapter wise review ending with the last chapter on Nirvana narrates how one can be on the path to nirvana by thinning the ego --)
This book is a welcome reading for one and all interested to know about ego.

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