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For Happiness & Health and To Overcome Emotional Hurdles
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Dr Anjana Sen is a Physician, Author, Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Coach


The tasks of leaders which demand emotional competence:

  • Inspire their subordinates
  • Motivate themselves and their staff
  • Nurture Self Esteem in subordinates
  • Develop others
  • Remove Fear
  • Unlock Creativity
  • Provide optimal challenge
  • To bring in changes
  • To make conscious decisions
  • To value intuition
  • To set the mood and climate
  • To criticize with intention to cause improvement
  • To reward creatively
  • To be able to take feedback from subordinates and so evolve as leaders & individuals


You may have a vision and the will to act but without passion you can achieve but only mediocrity.
A leader sets the emotional pace in an organization and with that he steers it towards excellence.
Ratio for Success
  Technical Skills Emotional Competence  
  20% 80%  

Higher up the leadership ladder the ratio tips more towards Emotional Competence, often up to 100% Joomla 3.3 Templates