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Dr Anjana Sen is a Physician, Author, Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Coach



The study of Neurology that underlies the ability to acknowledge emotions consciously, manage emotions effectively, use them in decision making, build resilience, remain motivated in the face of set- backs, tolerate and catalyze change, resonate with others enough to be able to inspire and influence, build trust and forge lasting relationships, is applicable Neuroscience. When Leadership and Leadership Development is approached with background knowledge of the neurological substrate upon which it is based, the term ‘Neuroleadership’ comes into being. The term was coined by David Rock in a publication in 2011 in the Journal Strategy and Business. Dr Anjana Sen uses the the Neuroleadership approach in Leadership Development, Executive Coaching and Counselling.

  • Do Leaders need Anger ?
  • Should Leaders Experience Fear ?
  • Should Leaders be aware about their Ego ?
  • Do Leaders need to acknowledge the Ego in Others ?
  • What are the signs of Ego Imbalance – since no one else will tell me ?
  • How to achieve better Ego Balance ?
  • How hard is it for Leaders to digest Feedback ?
  • What is Authentic Presence ?
  • Is being Authentic linked with being Vulnerable ?
  • What is Inspirational Leadership – How to develop it ?
  • Should we train for Leadership before we get to the position ? Joomla 3.3 Templates