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Dr Anjana Sen is a Physician, Author, Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Coach


How people felt after a session of coaching with Dr Anjana Sen

A : I felt as I last did in childhood. I felt conscious, aware and attentive to my environment and began realizing that other things impact my world. I realized that I had been missing living with awareness’
‘I find the exercise of putting down my mission and noble guiding purpose in words helps to give direction to my life and I will probably not go through a mid-life crisis that I was fearing after retirement from 34 years of employment.’

B: This session has been very helpful to know the steps of the reaction cycle. Once one becomes aware one can stop easily with practice, and prevent such repetitive patterns. Thank you for the session and the new perspective it has brought to me.

C: I am aware that I want to be a creature of choice. The coaching helps me to get to know and understand self and others. This will contribute to team building at the workplace. We can learn to respond rather than react and realize that choices appear when we apply thought. We can even involve the wisdom of others in our decision making.

D: I am a knowledge worker and realize that motivation comes from mastery of the subject and freedom to apply knowledge. I probably knew it all along, but discussing the topic and learning about the research behind motivation proves it in a scientific way. I can apply this knowledge at my workplace.

E: I learned about mirror neurons and how they are responsible for the sympathetic vibrations I am feeling. It is an amazing yet simple concept and seems to be the only explanation for the phenomenon of empathy.